What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

I was very impressed with how quickly they responded and got the mess cleaned up as well as eliminating mold! Everyone was very courteous and professional. Special thanks to Mitch. Thanks for everything.

The crew was professional, responsible and responsive to our business and residents needs and as such I would not hesitate to recommend SERVPRO of New London services to anyone in this unfortunate circumstance. Thank you!

We noticed some patches of mold starting to accumulate in this area of our living home. That's when I called up SERVPRO of New London and we found out that the mold problem was actually a much bigger problem. I'm thankful that I called them up and that their mold remediation team did such a great job. It could have been a lot worse, but thankfully it wasn't.

Thank you so much for attending our older home to advise us on mold prevention and appropriate drainage and ventilation issues affecting us. You were fast, responsive, extremely informative, and have helped us save thousands of dollars in future damages by informing us how we can appropriately protect and maintain our investment. I will be highly recommending your services to our family and friends.

Our unfinished basement was flooded due to an accident with our washing machine. I thought I could take care of it myself, but noticed mold starting to grow. I contacted SERVPRO and a first responder was out to my property immediately. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t searched out the help of professionals. I’m glad I didn’t wait to find out!

Thanks so much for the wonderful mold remediation job that was carried out, by SERVPRO of New London, at our home on Monday.  All crew members are really thorough and everything was conducted in a very friendly and professional manner.  The restroom looks a thousand times better. Thank you !

We had a flood enter our business that caused a lot of damage and we hired another company to fix it, but they did not do it right and mold set in! When we realized what had been happening, we called SERVPRO of New London even though originally their quote was higher so that was why we chose the other company. Glad we called in the real pros because they pulled off the impossible task of killing mold and the property opened back up without any more problems, because SERVPRO fixed the damages. Thank you

I was very happy with the professional way that SERVPRO of London handled my mold remediation. They were here promptly, did their work quickly and quietly with little interruption to our household routines. Every step was done per our agreed schedule with the final result looking as good as new!